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i've written a lot of songs for other people - here's a small sampling.


this is the final piece of a one act opera with words written by Ed DuRante. the singer is Kimberly Jajuan and her voice is exactly what i had imagined. unfortunately, she got cast in something else and couldn't finish the rehearsal process, so this is the best tape i had, mistakes and all. listen for the incessant car horns on 2nd avenue.

Download alone.mp3

Jaq - Once Upon A Time

the opening number of Jaq and the Beanstalk, book and lyrics by John Maclay. sung by me, Logan Adams and Tiffany Kraus.

Download 1__Once_Upon_A_Time.mp3

Jaq - Buy My Cow

sung by Logan Adams, other voices - Tiffany Kraus

Download 2__Buy_My_Cow.mp3

Jaq - Starting Today

the song where Logan, playing Jaq, decides to change her lazy ways...

Download 3__Starting_Today.mp3

Jaq - Giant Killed Yo Daddy

the song where the fairy godmother, me, tells Jaq the story of how her father died

Download 4__Giant_Killed_Yo__Daddy_aga_A.mp3

Jaq - Come Back To Me Jaq

Tiffany plays Jaq's mother. Tiffany's real mother loves this song.

Download 7__Come_Back_To_Me_Jaq.mp3

Evel - 37 Broken Bones

this is from the Evel Knievel musical i wrote with Lynn Berg. sung by the incomparable (and hot) Michael Messer.

Download 07_37_Broken_Bones_1.mp3

Evel - Skycycle

Evel - played by the wonderful James Sasser, sings about his Skycycle.

Download 10_Skycycle_1.mp3

Evel - Money

can you have enough?

Download 11_Money_1.mp3

Evel - What do you think of that?

did you know Evel Knievel didn't like what someone wrote about him, so he hired people to smash the author's arms with a baseball bat. wow.

Download 13_what_do_you_think_of_that__1.mp3

We Only Take What We Deserve

from a version of Beauty and the Beast i wrote both the music and lyrics for the MacHaydn theatre that they apparently still perform. this is the only piece i ever made a tape of and i found it the other day and uploaded into my computer. sorry about the crappy quality. it's a duet for two theiving brothers...

Download take_what_we_deserve.mp3

we are the people

my knee jerk reaction to 9/11, recorded by a large amount of my friends... notably Michael Messer and Amie Bermowitz(who sings like and angel) both on the Evel Knievel recordings...

Download we_are_the_people.mp3